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I'm Ready

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Well I'm feeling like I'm back up to speed now in regards to 3D modeling and feeding the need to satisfy my artistic side. Now I'm not too much worried about making content for my game at the level I want it.....Here is a quick shot of a soldier model I made Saturday morning while watching ESPN news.

So that brings me full circle but this time around I have a little help now too. I'm not real big on working with a large group of people on internet based projects due to bad experiences overall. But what I have realized is that one or two people that have at least one solid trait and possibly an additional one proves to work best. In my case, I have one other programmer who is very good, why he isnt in the game industry is beyond me. But we both feel that it would be beneficial to work together so things should move alot faster now.

My posts will be a little more frequent now that I'm back in the game sorta speak and because I'm paying interest on my card for this space as well. So in the days and weeks to come I'll have some more information about the style of the game/tech demo that we are going to make along with screenshots, etc etc.

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Yosh: Thanks :) I really have some cool stuff planned character wise coming up soon.

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