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Land of Hope & Glory, or the Free? Hmmm

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Well Danni is looking for work properly in the states now... I'm a bit concerned about how hard it may be for me to find work... being a spouse of a citizen rather then a citizen but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it I guess. I've put feelers out in the forums to see whats up.

Well I'm now up to 9 passing unit tests - the last one pretty complex which required wide-spread changes and corrections to get all the tests running fine.

There are two more types of, erm, terrain to generate and test - and then I'll have all the bits necessary to start properly thinking about visualising the game.

I've managed to load up Ogre3d and create an application free of the sample framework that displays a sky and one of the elements of the game. Still a long way to go but yeah, I'm skipping the 2d bits. Screw it, seeing the screenshots people are positing I'm going for broke.

Interestingly it's getting over 200 frames on a Geforce 2 as it stands - with any luck if I can keep that at something playable (anything more then 30 I guess) by the time I'm finished that would be great. I want the game to be as playable on older machines as possible. It won't be visually groundbreaking, but I'm hoping will be utterly unique as far as gameplay for these contest entries are concerned.

As far as my day job goes I'm pretty uninspired right now. I really need to give more of myself to it.

Living on my own for the first time ever (no flatmates or anything) is pretty cool. I'm getting stuff done (like shampooing the carpet)... less things to do in a few months time when we are likely to have to move out. Getting Pete's old room cleaned out first (former flatmate) so I can then shift stuff around and use that empty room as a buffer while I clean a different room.

Still I miss my wife... it's nice not having to worry about someone else all the time but I miss out on the effection. I know this trip back to the States has been very good for her.

Getting excited about seeing Peter Molyneux at the weekend... I wonder if I'll have the guts to walk up and shake his hand. I should, may be some of his brillance would rub off on me.
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Wow!, you've definitely got to shake Peter Molyneux's hand - don't think about it, just do it!.

It sucks when missing a partner - you've just got to rack up the phone/internet bills until you meet again :)

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