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Now the grunt work begins...

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Now that Ive made my final decision on what to do with this game and having all of my design docs standing by, I am finally ready to proceed. But where to start?

What I need to do now is establish how I want my GUI set up, begin defining the items I want in the game, and sprite my butt off.

The folks over at OnGameDev are very supportive of a 'Sims within the RPG' idea that Ive been tossing about, so I want to make sure I can pull that off.

I will be going on vacation back to Indiana for 2 weeks. I usually drink a lot of beer, play guitar with my dad, and play Scrabble with my mom, but Ill save some of the slower nights to get my sprite animations set up and do some concept art for the houses and items. Hopefully I get enough done so that we can put up a website of our own and show off our progress.

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I usually drink a lot of beer, play guitar with my dad, and play Scrabble with my mom

In that order? ;)

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