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libufo malarky

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I've been playing with this library, libufo.

It's a GUI that uses opengl. This is ideal for a game which uses opengl for its main graphics rendering, and also wants a nice gui to slap on top - dialogue boxes, popup menus etc. It has lots of nice features.

Unfortunately, it isn't working as well as I'd hoped. I've got the samples working fine, but I tried just one little thing and it's now crashing, never mind.

They're using some clever C++ garbage collector which I don't understand. Maybe that is the source of the failures.

Documentation is largely only in the form of class documentation, which is typically like:

"setFont - this sets the font"

Or something equally useless. Reminds me a lot of the MSDN library :)

Anyway, I hope to find out what the problem is soon.

Then, I can create a compelling GUI for this game, which will definitely need one.

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