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Here we go!

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Rob Loach


I know, I know, I haven't made a journal update in such a long time and feel free to glare and throw rocks at me as much as you'd like. But, hear me out here for I have come with great tidings! The project I'm working on (codenamed kEngine), is coming along very nicely and here's a demo for you all to feast your eyes over:

Download Test

Yes, you're wondering what's so special about this. When you look at it, you just see some text along with an image floating around. But, when you look closer in the actual directory, you see a script file. This script file is compiled at application runtime and is what is moving that little image around when you press the arrow keys. The script (JScript or VBScript) has complete access to what's available in kEngine and therefore when kEngine grows, the script's power will, in turn, grow as well. I was going to implement C# as a scripting language for it, but that requires the installation of .NET Framework 2.0 which, in my opinion, only developers have, so I'll stay away from it until an official release is made.

With this simple kEngine script example, you have the power to make simple arcade games without an IDE or compiler. Just write in the script and away you go. If kScript has trouble compiling the code, it outputs the compiler errors to a log file (this might change later on).

Near Future Plans
  • Crazy Eddie's GUI
    A renderer for SDL.NET is coming out very soon. It will be used for an in-game console interface and menu systems.
  • Tile Engine
    There's a working tile engine in kEngine right now, but it's horrible to work with and lacks a map editor. Might even use CEGUI for it?
  • Arcade Game Examples
    I'm going to write up scripts for small games like pong just for quick tests of the power of kEngine. They also serve as a huge motivater.
  • Audio
    The audio works, but for some reason SDL_mixer pans the music to the left whenever the music starts. I have to look at that.

Once the tile engine is in there, development on 4E4 project content can begin. EDI and I had quite a large talk about the design of a tile engine. He suggests a serialized data format, but that would require me to make a whole map editor for it. Anyone have any recommendations?

Cibressus sadly decided to leave the project so the CVS system from SourceForge was closed. It's not that suprising considering the scale of this project, it's the largest project I have encountered so far. I started up a new server with subversion installed. SVN is incredibly more powerful (and user-friendly) then CVS. If anyone thinks they have the skill and are looking to join the project, there's always room! Just message me. Especially need someone who's willing to slave over a tile engine and map editor [smile].

Random Interest

Classic Mario Soundtrack
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Recommended Comments

The scripting thing sounds nice. How are you compiling the scripts? Someday I'm going to have to learn that C# stuff. [smile] I've been meaning to try out your new screen cap. app. I see you have a 1.3 up and running.

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I remember seeing that mario vid a while back...that guy must get all the chicks :)

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really interesting post... isn't that piano playing guy awesome?

I wouldn't worry about people not having the .Net stuff... it's offered as part of Windows Update (even if it's an optional extra). Anyway it's real easy to include it in an installer or link to it.

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On .NET, hell, there's still more developers than non-developers who have it. And now that Microsoft is hoping to smother it with a pillow, who knows if 2.0 even gets around to 1% of the non-programming population?

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