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Two updates in one day...

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Things have been pretty boring at work today, so I added in the functionality to return a recordcount as well as to access fields in the active query by name instead of just by number.

Also fixed a little bug I found, and fixed up the main game loop.

I created a singleton class to handle the assigning of unique entity id numbers. I have it created in the main game classes constructor which tells it to load the counter settings from the database. Before I destruct it the game class tells it to save each of the counters to the database. It seems to be working well.

I have a table that has one row per counter I need to keep track of. I'm going to hold seperate counters for each main type of entity (players, ships, trading posts, etc). The singleton class will start off where it left off due to the database.

So I'll create the other entity classes and create the storage tables for them, then I *have* to work on some kind of client in order to progress much further.

Maybe I'll create a text based ascii client ;)

Anyone else notice that the Developer Journal actually motivates you to get more work done? That's something I've needed for a while.
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