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Progress, or something like it....

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The Forgotten Mindset


Well, I think my estimation of finishing my engine within a "~month" may be slightly off [grin]

Now that I think about it, I think dgreen02 said: "~month or two".

Two months is more like it, but I think I'd be able to pull this off if I really wanted to.

My engine's name is Starbreeze.

Usually you shouldn't have to worry about using someone else's 3D Engine name, right? There's not that many to come in conflict with, right? What are the odds you'd use the name of someone else's engine?

That's only for things like tv, radio, newspaper, and inventions right?


These clowns don't know who they're dealing with. When they see the truly awesome power of my engine--

--they'll quake with fear, and *give* me the rights to that name. Muahaha!
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LOL, now that is something special. How dare they try to grab Starbreeze. My game engine, Doom 3, has the same problem.

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