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Real life is getting in the way of my gamedev life

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So, I took vacation all of this week. It was a pretty sweet deal actually. The company gives us Monday & Tuesday off (due to the holliday). Then I took Wednesday - Friday off (taking out from my 80+ hours of time off I have built up). The end result is I get 9 days off in a row for very little time off taken! So, how much coding have I cooked up...well...um...FREAKING NONE! A little pissed...you bet, but hopefully that'll start chaning as of now. I just rolled what I've had from last week into CVS, now I'm going to start ripping up some base-graphics stuff tonight and keep going tomorrow.

I can't say the lack of code has been all bad. I've had a chance to get lots of stuff done around the apartment, spend some quality time with the fam, etc, etc. It wasn't what I had planned though, and now I've got to bust balls to get caught up! Tutorials are flat out of the question, I need to bust through the base code first, then think about doing tutorials sometime next month or whenever.

You know it's bad when I haven't even had time to play Battlefield 2...and you boys & girls that play BF2 know how much that hurts :)

Aight, I won't report back until I have at least one screenie to show, regardless of how rudimenary it may be...."Hello World" anyone? :D

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