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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone,

Bad news today. I pissed off my parents today suffieciently for them to ban me from any computer related things, like games, xbox email , forums(I'm bein reall quiet right now), and even programming. That said , I dont think I will be able to post any updates to this journal until at least saturday.

The only plus side is that I am being forced to thnk my programming through and write it down on paper.

Anyways, when I get back expect a huge post. Oh yeah, made a big milestone today, I actually played a game of Dogfight Online against someone over a LAN. It was really laggy, but sending gamestate data 60 times a second will do that [grin]. Hopefully reducing the freqency that I send data and adding some client-side extrapolation will make the game more playable.

?? ????????!!!!
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