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Journey into madness

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I think I found religion in the end of analyzing a tic tac toe problem today. I guess my brain subconciously made me draw a symbol for the power of tic tac toe (bow bow bow...) It's either a religous symbol or 8 Romulan ships docking to a starbase.

I should just pick up my old AI book and review min max but I refuse. Oh and I was eating chicken on the first page...therefore, the grease stains hehe.

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woah, way to over analyse a problem there. [wink]
interesting seeing your workings!

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LOL.. if you think that's over analyzing, then you should have read the 10 pages I left out hehe. Anyway, time to get some other work done today.

Edit: also hehe... I went to Scotland for a year and it totally messed up my 'z' and 's' when I got back to America. Analyzing or Analysing... grrrr... I still can't remember which is which.

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hmm...I would like to work for the company you work for.
Seems like you have a lot of free time on your hands :P
Not much going on in the wireless/navy business ?

btw. what book is "my old ai book" ? title? author ?

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Those are some really great notes. Matrix math is always really efficient. Great to see something I can comprehend ;P.


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Thanks Trader, yeah just some scribblings I did.

Hey Mike, LOL, free time? Not a whole lot, but I try to keep working on things. Actually this tic tac toe thing is something I'm trying to use in another proposal I'm making, so it's all good--not sharing the good stuff. Anyway, what are you working on? Petri Nets? If ya still are, maybe you might be interest in an idea I have for games. If you have the time.

Book is an old one, Principles of Artifical Intelligence, Nils J. Nilsson, 1980.

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Okay Nick, just whatever you do, don't let the Secret Service see those notes. Otherwise, pundits will be describing you as "a nice, quiet man that nobody would ever suspect..." [lol]

Cool notes, though. Your monster man/math mix reminded me of a Farside cartoon that goes something like this: A shop of artists are drawing funny characters, but one is doodling "E=mc2" in the margins of his work. Next to him an angry foreman is yelling, "Smith, do you like your job here at The ACME Comic Book Agency?"

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