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More terrorist attacks. I've been reading the Macromedia blog aggregator, which apparently has about a half-dozen posters from London. Seeing terrorist acts can be very affecting from a great distance, but having it happen down the block from you has got to be in a class by itself.

The closest I can come is having my windows rattled by a sonic boom and going outside to see an enormous east-west contrail, only to find out a couple of minutes later on the news that the Columbia disintegrated over us and that bits would be landing well east of us near the Louisiana border. It's an event I'll never forget seeing personally.

And that must absolutely pale to having a terrorist attack nearby.

Stay safe, British readers.
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It is pretty grim in London at the moment. Thankfully I am a lot further North but London is at a stand-still at the moment. Only guesses are coming out on casualties so far but 4 bombs going off, 3 in crowded undergorund trains and 1 on a crowded bus, means the news is bound to be bad.

Out of respect and sheer shock a lot of the regular videogame news websites have signed off for the day unsure when they will be returning to the office. I am sure many businesses based in London have closed their doors and no one has a chance of leaving London right now.

Sigh. Horrible.

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I remember visiting Beirut Lebanon as a child around 1974. We were in a high-rise hotel when a bunch of sirens went off. My dad told me that they were air-raid sirens and not to worry about them. We went out to the balcony and watched 4 Israeli F4 Phantoms come in from the Mediterranean, across the city, and up and over the hills. A few moments later we heard several "whumps" and saw smoke some up from behind the hills.

My dad told me that the Israelis were bombing Syrian-backed training camps. The evening news said that they bombed a school and killed a woman and a child.

The thing that stuck in my mind was during the whole thing life went on in the city like nothing was happening. No one seemed to even notice or look up. Even as a child of nine years I thought it was so strange it could be "normal" to live in a country where being bombed by a foreign nation was hardly a note-worthy event to the people in the street.

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I feel for countries like Iraq and Israel who have to face this sort of action every week, if not day :-/

But yeah, it really does hit home when it happens so close to you.

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