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Editor coming along a tiny bit

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hey all

my editor is coming along a tiny bit.
I have changed the map format to cope with a whole primitive, or brush, and also include the individual verticies.
I have already got all the dimensions in a muddle on the views but nothing I can't sort out in my next build.
I also saw the 'orange rooms' from an article on HL2s creation process (PCG-UK 151) and loved their 'none assigned' texture so I have decided to have that style of texture in my editor as my default texture.

Anyway, its still a bitch to use and you can screw up polygons quite easily but hey, its a start and I'm quite happy with it [smile]

Here is ZNOS Ed in editor mode- as you can see its changed colour from my previous working build to white since its easier to see and edit the different items on the map. You can select polygons as a whole and also alter the verticies of the polygons individually.

Heres is ZNOS Ed in world mode- You can see he default orange texture here. The background is kept to black for the world mode

Next on the to-do list is get the dimensions sorted out on the editor, include a camera in the world view (Dunno how I have coped this long without one) and also to give functionality to edit textures on individual faces- I already have the functions in place for this and is included in the map format but its just a case of implementing it.

Dunno how much longer I can work on this since I got my gf staying round tonight after shes done with work and I wanna play her at UT! [wink]
Catch y'all soon!

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Wow, a UT playing g/f, sounds like a keeper[wink].

What is this editor for, your own game, or something else like UT? BTW it looks great.

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hehe, yea. Its taken quite a bit to get her onto UT though. And shes still pretty bad... [wink]

The editor is for my engine. I got fed up with BSP maps so i decided to do my own map format [smile]

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