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## Cows go beep

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So at work I decided to take my first forray into C#. I need to write some auto-phone-recording program. When sound hits a certain threshhold, start recording, and stop after x seconds of silence. yeah. I figured C# would be good to do. I've never done sound recording beforem so I figured I might as well learn some C# as well. I like C#. I like how almost everything has a .ToString() function.

I'm using ManagedDirectX for sound using DirectSound. I like MDX. However I didn't know that i have to send the redist files with it, but oh well. Still neat.

I did some work on my Lazteroids game. Still working out the control. Here's what I have now:

if (input->KeyDown(VK_UP) || input->KeyDown('W')) {
fSpeed += fAccel;
fVelocity = matrix.GetY();

if (fSpeed > fMaxSpeed)
fSpeed = fMaxSpeed;

tmpVel = fVelocity;
tmpVel *= fSpeed * fTime;
fSpeed *= fDamper;

if (fabs(fSpeed) < 0.000001f)
fSpeed = 0.0f;


Looks cleaner than what I used to have, but still doesn't work the way I want it. I'm not sure how the hell to make it do what I want. Damnit.

And in other news: I think I'm going to go see Fantastic 4 tomorrow. WIN!
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