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It burnsssss us, preciousssss!!!

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Summer is pretty much balls-to-the-wall right now. Forecast for Wednesday calls for the temp to hit 117F. Got fried today in a big way, out hiking in the hills after work. Damned sun.

Been fiddling around with Accidental this afternoon. For some months now, I've been mulling over some ideas and thinking about what I want to do for the next article. I've actually considered modifying the Engine a bit to include the terrain blending scheme devised for Golem3D, as well as to deepen support for isometric-style walls and allow map scripts to utilize either standard front-view walls or isometric walls at leisure. There is some slight support for this already, but the Accidental Engine currently still uses "standard" 2D tilebased tricks for wall rendering, which plays hell with the wall and object drawing order. The planned modifications would deepen OpenGL's involvement in the rendering process, would leverage the benefits of 3D and the z-buffer, and eliminate this condition. I experimented with this way of doing things a long time ago, when Golem 1 was still limping along, and got good results.

I was reading my to-do wiki page as well, something I normally avoid doing because I detest being reminded of all the shit I still have to do. [grin] Looks like I've dropped the ball on a whole lot of things. There are notes there for a second part to my Isometric Walls tutorial that I forgot about. Perhaps I should try to finish that one up pretty soon as well. It'd be a nice, refreshing change to do an artistically oriented article again. Sort of break the monotony.
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What's up bro?It got up to 101 here today. I'm terrified to walk into my trailer, a raging inferno is going to pour forth. I suppose that 101 is like a spring afternoon to you sun dwellers down there though. Have a good weekend. Willystickman

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