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Oh yeah, oh yeah

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Dear Gamedev,

My case came! Sweeeeeet!

The physique, the sexy, the amazing structure and badass factor! And the case is pretty good looking too! Hahaha! No, but really, friggin thing is huge. It's taller than me when I sit down, and the desk is only just above elbow level. I love it so much. Now I need to fill it with the best of the best components.

Went to my ussual cafe the other night as a way to take a load off (if you count programming as work, it's the only non-work activity I've liked doing in the past few weeks). It was an Open Mic Night. Got to see my people perform, got some requests that I should come back and perform again sometime (I do stand-up there, and sometimes I do some electric cello in whatever local bands pick me up). So that was pretty sweet. Just thought I'd jot that down somewhere. I also have to think of good stand-up material for next Wednesday.

Oh, and Stompy, I got StompyPad. It rocks! Is there any way in Windows that you know of to change your default... notepad?

So anyhow, gotta finish up some work before the end of the night, and get to sleep. I almost missed the train this morning. Oh, and there's a new intern at the office. She's pretty chill, atleast I have some company.

More tomorrow morning.

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Good lord, that's a big Bitch! Yeah, looks freaking awesome though. If your still looking for some good deals on motherboards and cpus, I always tell people to check out sometimes they have some spectacular deals, other times, they have alright stuff. It's always worth a look though. That thing looks like a tank though.

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Oh, and Stompy, I got StompyPad. It rocks! Is there any way in Windows that you know of to change your default... notepad?

Not that I know of. It would be cool for me to have that as my default as well though.

PS: That printer looks familiar...

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