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Functional but still boring

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Yep I've got the function thing almost implemented. I've added a second pre-processing step after the tokenizer to build a function table. This is used to access code blocks referenced by identifiers with parameters and return values. Anyway I haven't posted any screens in a while so I thought I'd show you a couple of my old 3D projects.

The first is a demo I made to integrate the Lua scripting language into an old 3D engine. The script controlled camera pans and tracks, character animations and paths, dialog, and scene timing, etc. The second is a little physics thing I called Pagan City Bowling. You basically just smash an ancient looking city with a massive boulder from any angle. Lots of fun! [smile]
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That Pagan City Bowling sounds like it might be a pretty interesting basis for a full-fledged game, sort of a god of destruction thingamajig. Looks pretty cool at any rate.

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Digging up old projects can be a good laugh - I had 100's of old platformer games that I made years and years ago. All written using Visual Basic 4.0 32bit[attention]

Lots of fun!

Definitely looks it [grin]


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Dude, that kicks some serious ass. Like Vertex said, great basis for a bigger game.

The Real Jack

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