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Day one of many

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Well in lieu of my previous post I made good on the first night hooray for me now just about 400 plus more nights to go :)

I'm just gonna ramble on a little bit about this game/tech demo that I'm working on as mentioned below. I kinda of consider myself a writer slash idea guy so I'm usually the one who has to come up with the conceptual ideas, stories, catch phrases and names of things. So in talking with the other programmer I'm working with I came up with a cool name for our game titled.....RAT which is an acronym for Rogues And Thieves, totally suited for my cyberpunk fetish.
Basically this tech demo is really being used to showcase the capabilities of an engine he wrote and we will use this demo to help push it. The engine details are located at http://www.devmaster.net/engines/engine_details.php?id=94.

Anyway, I'm about 60 percent done with the design document that I started for it last weekend. Since this isn't going to be an all out game I don't have to be as detailed as I would like but yet its still a small undertaking to say the least. With my current schedule of reading materials and coding I really need to complete this design document so that I can start the artwork of which I will be posting work in progress shots and we move forward.

BTW....I dont know if you know or are interested but have you ever created a document and wanted it to be a pdf later? And if you dont have adobe acrobat reader pro then you know how much a pain in the ass it can be to pull it off. You would think that pdf documents were some kinda friggin currency or something.

Well I discovered something awesome today...its called "OpenOffice". Who woulda thunk it? Friggin SUN releases the beta and it works just as good as M$ office. But wait it gets better...there is an "Export to PDF" button on the main taskbar. WOOT! Problem solved...check it out. http://www.openoffice.org/
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