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The past

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Every once in a while I get bored, or get a wild hair, or just wonder maybe how things once were, on the internet that is. When I do, I usually head over to www.archive.org There you can look back many years into the past. For example take this link

A Day in the past of GameDev.net
This page is from 2001, and links to every thing that was on the site(s) at that point in time. Some crazy stuff.

Oh, and the whole sleep thing didn't work out. I guess I'm just a night owl for better or worse. At any rate, I'm currently driving myself crazy creating content for C.F.L. Only a few hundred more questions to write tonight.

Also, in taking a break from content creation, I've been attempting to come up with an idea for the 4E comp. I'm also wondering how many submissions are going to have a focus on visual content vs gameplay. It should be interesting to see. Oh and Extremely Sharp Swords and Knives is an awesome store. Even if I don't place in the contest, I think I'll be making a purchase or two from those guys in the coming months.
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