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Cue the Billy Joel...

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I'm moving on Sunday!


Got my own little apartment out in the country, away from the big city and the 'burbs.

Won't get internet access either; I figure it's a waste of my money. I get internet access at work, so why would I pay $50/mo extra for home internet when I barely even use my computer when I go home now anyways?

Other random news updates:

* I'm going to hit 1,500 miles on the bike next week for sure
* Yesterday I hit a new high in average speed for the year so far, 13.94 miles per hour. My alltime high average speed, however, is still 15.71mph, which I attained on July 18th, 2004, for 14.01 miles.
* I also hit a momentary high speed as well, 22mph; my alltime momentary high speed is still 29mph, which I hit on June 29th, 2004.
* I bought myself a nice new set of freeweights, since I can't find my old ones in the craphole that I currently live in.
* I bought a bike helmet finally; I figure that since I'll be out living in the country now, I'm going to need it; there aren't really any bike paths near me. The closest one is 11.4 miles away, which is kind of silly to bike 11 miles just to get to a bike path; at which point I'll turn around and head back :P
* Within the next 2 weeks or so I plan on increasing my average daily ride to 15 miles, and add maybe a half mile every week or so.
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You're gonna get herpes from ***** (Update: There, I censored the name, asshat)

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That's enough out of you, boy-o.

I would appreciate you not talking about people in my life on a public forum, especially in a negative way.

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Congrats man. Are you a trail or road rider?
I just got into road biking last year so I could have an activity to do with my dad. He goes about 50 miles every other day -- I try to go atleast 30 with him once a week. Its a good time.

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Road, since it's easier. I'm trying to do aerobic training after all. I have freeweights for the anaerobics.

I did 50 miles once; took me a little under 4 hours (3 hours, 59 minutes, 45 seconds, haha), which is the longest I've ever done in a single ride.

I want to get myself back up to shape where I can do 30 miles without getting winded again.

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