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Back to work on Seventh Star. One of the problems I was looking at various resolutions. Right now my test machines run at 1400x1050, 1280x720 and 1024x768. I would like the program to default to run at the same resolution as the desktop of the user; I consider that to be just polite. Of course, the user should also be able to select a different resolution if he wishes.

Now using a 3D API to do rendering handles a lot of resolution dependence issues. However, user interface details are still something of a problem. Usually scaling user interface textures just looks ugly, and not scaling them can also look just as ugly.

Right now I'm thinking about using SVG to describe my user interface elements. That way I only need it to work at a few display ratios rather than worry about different resolutions. Right now I'll support 4:3 and 16:9. I might go crazy and support 3:4 and 9:16 too.
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If you find a solution, be sure to let us know as I've been pondering this for a while myself.

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I might go crazy and support 3:4 and 9:16 too.

Heh heh.

BTW, welcome back. [grin]

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