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After months of searching I have found it!

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I finally found a mathematics book on quaternions that was not in a game development/ engineer book. Those [engineering or game development books covering math] books tend to be lacking in mathematical substance and rigour. They often leave you feeling that you just spent the night prostituting yourself to smelly, fat memebers of the opposite sex i.e unfulfilled and empty.

The book is from 1966, all every one cares about these days is groups this, group that (stupid Klein) , lie algebras and kin and spaces: vector space, group space, fock space.. sheesh! But its cool. I dont mind. I actually prefer it this way since i work better with abstract concepts than concrete ones, its just that everyone's trying to be all wizardly and what not.

Hey look at me, I can string a bunch of nonsensical words together to form jibberish that could easily have been said in another way to sound smart. I am guilty of this as well. [sad]. To be fair though, speaking non jargorish would entail alot of work, as in much more words required. I still blame the stupid people who made the stuff hard to learn though, if im gonna learn it then im going to make full use of it when shopping.

Me at the Grocery: I agree, the symmetry of nature makes it so that the quantity that is summed as inertia, due to interactions of this bag of rice with the universe - which remains unchanged under any transformation of coordinates - remains invariant in the truest sense of the word. I nonetheless feel I am being charged inappropriately for this purchase since this can is 99% empty space and there exists a non zero probabilty that this object will disappear! Infact, I am in danger of being charge for posessesion of a weapon of mass destruction, overcoming the coulomb barrier and reducing the cross section for distances approach within the strong force limit, starting a set of reactions and thus unleashing the total energy contained in this rice is equivalent to unleashing that of hundreds of nukes. I will be left with a bunch of carbon, hydrogen and or helium gases plus gamma radiation. Not rice. I demand a refund, simply too many risks involved in keeping this rice!

Grocer: *blank look, pushes button*

Grumpy Manager walks in "How may I help you?", I begin to repeat myself but am interrupted midway.

Manager: STFU, Nerd. Buy the food or starve!
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The vagueness of rice is hard to decipher especially since once measured, the location of a rice particle is difficult to determine. How are we to know that rice is delicious since once our tongue samples it's tastyness, the position of the rice becomes uncertain? Likewise, if I use my tongue to extract the location of a rice grain, the deliciousness of it fades. Therefore, I propose the blandness of rice uncertainty principle, where defined:

"Let u > 0. If |rice - location| < u, then there does not exist a p where, |deliciousness - tastebuds| < p. However, there also exists a z, where p > z that u holds true. Therefore, it is apparent that z = rice unless rice = p. Since p does not exist, we conclude that rice does not exist."

This proposition, though yet to be proved resonates well with ordinary social economic structures layered with focus groups that will determine its usefulness. However, I therefore, do not care, for I like fermintated beverages extracted from legumes. In addition, of utmost importance it is to disconnect the reader from the truth, through statements which seem logical yet difficult to visualize, forcing capitulation of the brain towards a "so what does it all mean" state.

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** Nods and agrees **

Yet again, a journal entry that contains a high percentage of words I can read yet not understand [headshake]

I might start counting them, see what percentage I understand [smile]


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Stop being greedy Jack, you can't know everything! Leave some stuff for the rest of us mortals. :P Just kidding.

Really though, like all things, the stuff is not that hard with the proper knowledge.

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For p > Z. U is true. I can live with that. WTF is U?

AND...If Z <> rice unless rice = p then when rice = p, Z = rice but this only happens when Z > p and so Z <> rice.

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Hmmm, I haven't thought of that. Perhaps this also could be solved through induction.

So the first case, rice is delicious and bland holds true. So lets assume rice + chicken is delicious and bland holds true, then this implies that rice + chicken + epislon = rice + chicken + butter = rice + chicken (by the butter identity) is delicious and bland also holds true. I have also found a remarkable proof that cannot fit in this margin, perhaps I will... oh no a hurricane Dennis...*pop* *fizzle* *snap*

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hehe, Lol. And I will spend the next 500 years ttrying to invent the methematics required to explain what you certainly meant! Surely it must be true! You said it in your margin and everyone knows that anything written in a margin cannot be a lie (courtesy - the Law of Anything written in a Margin cannot be a Lie) and Ill prove it, even if I have to change the laws of the universe to do so.

I wasnt sure if my understading was precise as you said " Therefore, it is apparent that z = rice unless rice = p" so it is cool to see that I made the correct assumption.

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