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Revenge of the Sith

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Will F


Finally got around to seeing the new Star Wars movie. Wasn't sure I wsa going to get around to it while it was still in the theaters. Overall I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Definitely the best of the prequels - which in my opinion isn't saying all that much - but still worth seeing I suppose.

My only real disappointment was that with the Jedis getting killed left and right, Lucas didn't have Jar Jar Binks killed in the crossfire. Or even better, Binks could have had some important piece of information that Palpatine needed, and was slowly tortured to death.

Oh well, maybe Lucas will fix this in the DVD release. [wink]
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You forgot the awesome[/sarcasm] "NOOOO!!!!!!!1!!one!one!!!" scream Vader does at the end. Awesome acting eh?

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My guess is that scene was to show that even though Anakin had turned to the dark side, there was still some love/weakness/confusion in him (in contrast to the Vader in episode 4).
Regardless, I wonder how many takes it took to get the final scene - and were all the ones they didn't use worse?

I also forgot to mention how I winced everytime there was a scene between Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman. Ouch, that was painful to watch.

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Lol, they made a "You're the man now, god" page for it called "Darth No". Good them both. They're hilarious.


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