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i r dum

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Heh heh. For a supposedly smart guy, I'm kinda dumb sometimes...

Went riding quads out in the desert today with a bunch of friends. I wore shorts and a sleeveless shirt, no sunscreen, figured I would be okay. And I would have been; we weren't planning on being out that long. However, I didn't count on getting a flat tire on the way, nor did I count on the owner of the trailer not having a spare. We unhooked the trailer, and a friend and I waited with the quads while the others went to get a new tire. Waited. And waited. And waited. You know the sound that bacon makes when it's in the frying pan? Yeah, I could almost hear that sound coming from my flesh as the sun baked me to a crisp. I tried (briefly) lying in the shade beneath the trailer, but the asphalt had picked up so much heat from the sun already that it just wasn't working. It was 110F out there, and the ground was like a hot griddle.

I look like a nicely boiled lobster. I've had steaks that were less well-done than myself right now. Tomorrow is going to suck. Big time.

EDIT: willystickman: Pssshhh.... 101? Hell, it's been getting that cool at night around here. [grin] Give me a call or something this weekend. Later, bro.
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I've been sunburned quite badly on occasion myself. Something that i've found helps the pain in the following days is some Aloe Vera lotion. Yeah, get better soon, sunburns blow!

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Yeah I know how that feels man. I went to a Nascar race once in the summer and paid for it dearly. I also got eye sunburn. If you ever had that, that really does ruin your day.

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What's up Bro, I'll tell you what, between hornets, and the massive sunburns you seem to be collecting, Arizona is kicking your ass! Anyways, have a good one, I'll try and give ya a ring tonite.

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