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Wassup. Just a quick update. Met with Brucker today, and the art is looking good. Different than what I expected. What I wanted him to do was to create a sheet that had five things. A militant-looking law enforcement officer with a rifle at his side, the same officer holding his gun up in attack, a large armoured vehicle, a little bitchy patrol robot, and a turret. The turret, vehile, and bitch-bot looked almost frighteningly akin to how I imagined them. The officers however, were completely different. They kinda looked like a couple of inner-city texas rangers. At first I was just like "Uh... well..." and then the more I looked at them, the more I liked them. I do, infact, like them very much now, and hope they do good for the game.

I then told him that since there was more room on the page he might as well draw the last of the enemies I need before the first boss. I described the two I need, and I should have them ready for oggling in my next post! Wheeeee! Then finally you can feast eyes on the most ultimate first boss ever.

But unfortunately, no pics today :-(

You know, I always thought it would be interesting to become a hacker. And I know the difference between hacking, cracking, phreaking, and being a script kiddie, and understand that hacker-sheik is all a myth, and I understand what hacking is really all about. But that's what I want to do. Do I have the time, probably not. But I'll certainly look into it.

I asked someone if there was a hacker resource/community site I could consult. I was met with "If you were a hacker, you could find it". So that's a dead f*cking end. I suppose I'll just have to look around. And get Linux. And learn 5 more friggin languages. Life goes on. I'll update tomorrow.

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Looking forward to seeing those sprites.

When can we expect a demo of your game?

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noak: No, I havn't. I'll look into it though. Any you personally suggest?

Sapo: Actually, the demo should be available soon! After I make the level code, menu code, and finish this bullet code up (along with the first boss), I should be able to conjure up a sample of what's to come. But only a teaser. It is going to be a retail game.


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undergroundnews.com was an old favorite many moons ago for me. hack3r.com was also great when it was invite only...oh, what great days.

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