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Rambling while wishing I had a television...

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Courtesy of not having a TV licence anymore ([headshake]) I can't sit down to watch the British Grand Prix this afternoon. I could really have done with a couple of hours of TV.

So I'm having to improvise by listening to Radio 5's commentry and watching the official live timings. Not quite the same as getting to watch it though [sad]

I'm starting to get my head around this whole MVP thing, and took the time to try and write a public profile. I read everyone elses first to try and get a working idea - but I'm note sure I like it. I really don't like writing "self profiles" as they always seem to come across as being fairly arrogant.

List of the 23 'Windows - DirectX' MVP's contains My Profile. The profile includes a somewhat rubbish looking mugshot of my good self, should be interested in putting a face to the words... [smile]

Any thoughts - do I need to change it?

I'm a little conscious that I haven't said much about my progress with the programmable pipeline. I'm hoping to get back in with that one in the next week or so...

It's not that I've actually stopped working on it, more that reading through my book doesn't really warrant any interesting commentry from me.

I've finished Part 3: Advanced Reflectance Algorithms this morning. I didn't like reading that part so much - a lot of mathematics and theory. Don't get me wrong - this is interesting, but I want the practical stuff!

Once I've got a practical implementation with a basic explanation I'll go back and cover the finer mathematical theory... In some respects, the theory is pointless as I don't have a context to drop it into - all those factors, terms and equations don't mean much to me yet...

I've also started working on a new header for the top of my journal. Feedback a while back wasn't so favourable on the bright-green table - just haven't had time lately to go about changing it [smile]

If you got this far, well done - many thanks for reading!

Please help yourself to one of the following fine cookies:

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Maybe I could stream the video to your computer via my Win TV device? Hmmm... maybe that's an idea.... oh no, ideas... i must not think... i must work...

Thanks for the cookies.

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Thanks for the offer, but the race is over now [headshake]

Thanks for the cookies.

My pleasure [smile] but don't be leaving any crumbs on the carpet...

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Wow, until reading this post I had no idea there was even such a thing as a TV license. Somehow, the idea seems to appeal to me. Maybe a TV license requirement over here would get some kids I know off the couch and outside doing something healthy. [grin]

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I had no idea there was even such a thing as a TV license

As far as I understand it, it's just another form of tax for our publicly/government owned media (The BBC) [smile]

get some kids I know off the couch and outside doing something healthy.

[lol] I think going back to the really old times where TV wasn't actually on 24hrs/day would be better. Imagine their faces if they turned on the box and there was, quite literally, NOTHING on [oh]


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You can't use a TV card without a TV licence. What happened, did you run out of money or something [sad]?

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What happened, did you run out of money or something[sad]?

Nah not really... we've had a 14 month tenancy agreement for our house (3 people sharing), 2 of us (myself included) are leaving at the end of the 13th month.

TV licences run for 12 months, and you have to buy (up front) all 12 months worth... you can get refunds on a quaterly basis, but the end result was that it just isn't worth the money nor hassle to get TV for the last 4 weeks.

I don't watch TV much anyway - only the odd program/event [smile]


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