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If the bug you are talking about is the black rectangle around some stuff(cursor, asteroids), it is happening on my GeForce 6800GT as well.

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Thanks, that's good to know. I have a GeForce card around here somewhere. I'll have to try playing it on that.

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Ugh, man, I tried playing Epoch on the computer I'm using now. Was great, but SO SLOW. I can't wait to finish building my new computer so I can get the true experience. You ever going to go retail?


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Hey sorry it runs so slow on your deck. I haven't spent much time trying to optimize it so I apologize. Out of curiosity, what are the specs on the deck where it runs so poorly? I need to keep track of these things somewhere.

As for going retail, I'm honored that you think it's worthy of retail, but it's a hobby project, and it's still quite a ways from finished. I'm the only developer, and I have a day job writing mortgage software so it's taking quite a while. Right now I want to have a demo version done by the end of the month, but every time I give myself a deadline I always miss it.

Thanks for playing and letting me know of the performance issues. If you get a chance, check out the Epoch Star Forums. I'm using them to track bugs and change suggestions.

Thanks again

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