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I met Peter Molyneux!

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I sat through that lecture in awe, and I just had to shake the guys hand. I just said something along the lines of "I just wanted to shake your hand, you've been an... inspiration"

He said "thank you".

A little dorky I know, but well... his whole life story and what he has achieved through his medium is inspirational. His story gives me hope that I one day may be either a respected collegue or respected competitor. Either way I was buzzing.

I also brought up a point that he said was "very good" during the Q&A part about games traditonally shying away from sexual content and the up and coming movies... from the looks of it... won't. What a buzz!

Travelling on the train in to London was def a different experience because of current events... people were def quiter and looking around more. I know I was. My parents, grandparents and friends were mostly saying things like "you sure you still want to go?". I said yeah... because I don't want those bastards to win and spoil everyday life. And in this case a very special day for me... the day I got to meet my hero. Haha!
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Aha!..excellent! It's great to meet these kinda people and see whether they're arrogant or not...glad you had a good time!

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