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Going back to Eternal Lands for a while.

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I feel pretty burned out by working at Barren Moon, since I am doing it for 9 months or so. Too much server work can be boring.
So I want to work for a while at the EL client.
I have a lot of plans with it, plans that we'll start working at after this update.
There are basically 3 main things we want to do:
1. Spell effects and eye candies.
2. An extension of the map format to use a height map for outdoors and have real 3d terrain.
3. Embedding the Small scripting language in the client as well, so we can have animations, virtual actors (that is, moving things such as trains, city folks, etc. without any server support), music, sound effects, and so many more things including possibly single player quests, short movies using the game engine (such as the Warcraft 3 movies) and so many other things.
I will personally take care of the #3, Wytter will do the #2 and possibly #1, and the rest will do #1 and various misc improvements.
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I wrote a SMALL to widget interface a while back, to make it more customizable (ie. player-customizable HUD, icons, effects, etc...) but I never bothered to finish or release it. Maybe after I finish that stupid &*%*% notepad text editor widget (yep, it needs a specialized widget of it's own).

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