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I've very excited about these images of some of the cars that will be in the game, I'll post a collection of images down below...there will be 30 different cars in the final product :-D

There will be a "dealership window" in the game, that you can use to purchase cars for your gang. You'll need to own territory that has a parking lot though, that will be the limiting factor as to how many cars you can purchase for your gang. Of course you can also go around stealing cars for your gang...this will really help your gang members get away from a robbery (for instance) without connecting your gang to it...but the longer you're in the car the more attention will be drawn to it, and they run the risk of being pulled over/caught after the fact. Also armoured cars will make scheduled delieverys to banks throughout the city, and the player can order their gang to ambush them.

I realllly can't wait to get these cars in the game, each with unique physics, handling, and transmission...mmmmm. I'm so happy with the way these car models are looking (remember they all have full damage modeling too!), he really did an amazing job on them. I should post some high res renders, but I'll just wait 'til in get them into the game.

Also I've added skidmarks and smoke and stuff into the game...it looks awesome, there's no smoke in this image though. It does show what the dirt clouds look like....I think I need to make them more prominent, right now I'm just additvly blending smoke/dirt which looks great for the smoke...this is the best I could do brown dirt using an additive blending mode. I'll probably change it around later though to look a little thicker :-) Also I'm working on adding the particle system, it will shoot up dirt particles as the car drives through grass/dirt, I'll also have sparks flying everywhere on collisions, as well as a lot of blood spurts to compliment the ragdoll physics ;-).

- Dan

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You're modeller does damn fine work.

Do the tire marks only show up like that on certain textures like the grass, or do they show up everywhere?

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They show up light/black on pavement, and dark/brown on dirt or grass. You can kind of see it fade between the two in the larger screenshot, on the sidewalk on the left side.

I contracted an artist to make the player models and another to make the car models. I'm still stuck making all the buildings/interiors though...bah :-)

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Wow, you just don't quit :)

This is probably the smoothest going game project I've ever heard of! But mabey you're hiding the pains :P

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