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Never one to avoid GDNet trendwhoring, I contacted many high-performance gaming computer owners over the past few weeks in order to build a new x86 box for myself.

Originally, I wanted a computer with specs above the minimum for UT2004. You people are complete assholes. Look what I bought:

- AMD64 3000+
- 1GB DDR333 CAS3
- Some hugely advanced Asus motherboard with PCI-Express x16 and friends. (A8V-E Deluxe, with wifi and shit)
- Antec TX1050B 500W(!!!) case (it's the size of a small airplane)
- Asus NVidia 6600 video card

This is somewhat of a trade-up, and it's fucking killing me that I don't have enough time right now to build the unit. Grr!
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Ravuya, spring for a gig of RAM @ 400 mhz. The extra speed will only help.

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Oh yeah, and if you want a 6600 get the BFG 6600GT OC. Best 6600GT card out there - in fact, BFG makes the best nVidia cards.

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Rav you're building a computer pretty damn similar to mine!

AMD Athlon 64 3000+, 1gig RAM, 2 SLi'd GeForce 6600GT video cards.

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