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Refactoring my spare time

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Ok, way to many finished projects in planning and 1/8->1/2 coded. So it's time I cleaned house as it is.

Alpha - Prototyping until end of September.
GD.net Community Project - Reevaluating in 2 months.
Redeploy websites - On the shelf pending colo being sorted.
Jimada - On the shelf.
PIS - On the shelf.
bot chaosnet - On the shelf, do not open until 2009
AI Research - On the shelf, do not open until 2009

The GD.net project seems to come up when ever I discuss refactoring, and there seems to be two general views. I'm insane and/or it'd be very useful if completed. As such I'll go back and take a serious look at it around September once I'm done mucking w/ Alpha. Alpha itself will be also relooked at the end of September. Down the road I'm looking at forming a corporation, but how to get there and become self sufficant before my cash reserves get drained is the tricky question. If I don't get distracted like I'm tend to do, it'll be a busy next few years. :)
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