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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone, short entry today.

Well, I finished alot on my 4E4 entry today, I actually have a running game with a tilemap, textures , a player, and collision detection (not bad for 3 days work). I could have had a whole lot more done today if it weren't for 2 stupid annoying bugs that I spent about 3 hours altogether to fix.

The first bug occurred when loading a map from my handy dandy level editor (I made that last night). The map data wasn't getting transfered from my .TOM file to my program. There was a connection to the file, but nothing was coming through. Anyways, after an hour of attempts to fix the bug, I couldn't get it, so I posted on the forum. As it turns out, I was trying to load the map name variable into the wrong datatype, which totally threw off the rest of the procedure ARRRGHH!!!!

The second bug occurred when I started messing around with the player and the tilemaps. When I set up collision detection, it would do anything. I looked over my equations for hours, but found nothing wrong with them, they should have worked. After about 2 hours, I moved the code block to another function, and voila it worked. I dont even know why, but it works now, and I'm not complaining.

Bugs like this should be expected when making an engine the wayI am right now, and I guess I kind of had it coming. I have been coding seperate modules for about 3 days now, and I just tried putting them together tonight (and I only tried 2 out of about 10 components). Thats what I get for blindly trying to code a modular system.

Anywho, I'll try posting a screenshot in my next journal (I still cant FTP to my server), but I'm warning you, the programmer art is atrocious [grin].
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I dont think mine even qualifies as programmer art:

Guess what that one is standing in for [wink].

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