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The time has come!

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Good Morning Everyone =)

I am pleased to announce that Morning's Wrath is now done and ready for testing.

So, when I say Done what do I mean?

It means that all of the development phase of MW is complete, there is no more new scripting or programing to do.

However, there are still potential bugs to fix and improvements/revisions that can be made.

So, MW is now in the final Testing and Quality Assurance phase!

This phase will last for at least 3 weeks, but may be longer depending on it's outcome, we are comitted to providing the best, bug free game that we can, so more time spent during this phase insures a better end product.

So who will be testing you ask?
We will have aproximately 8 testers, and I will contact them directly, so, if you have been chosen to be a tester you will find out soon enough. I appologize to everyone who wanted to test but does not get the chance. Our aim is to keep the game under tight wrap until it's release, and if we had everyone play it now, noone would likely want to play it later (it's fun for replay, but, let's be serious, done is done =D)

I will continue to give updates on my journal here, and probably talk about the bugs we encounter and other challenges and sucesses.

Additional Info(minor gameplay spoilers):

So, I was actually 'really' playing MW for the first time yesterday, so I got a six pack of coke and decided to get down to it.

I did not expect to enjoy it, why you ask? Because I know exactly everything that needs to be done and have played most parts of the game already, but somthing I did not expect threw me for a loop.

So, I guided morning through the begining of the game, and found myself standing at the well, the point where the game goes full non-linear, I realized that I had been paying attention to the story and for a time had lost myself in it, having done most of the dialogue I knew everything that would be said, but now it played out rather nicely in proper sequence.

So, from there I went down into the lost region, and soon realize that was a bad move. Without the powers of god mode to help me I was no match for the enemies down there, what with only having my two magic runes. So I sneaked into the city hall, and did the bell puzzle.

I ran 'quickly' back to the ruined atrium and deposited my artifact into the well and leveled-up, I distributed my points and then went back to the great hall, then I went up to the first castle level, and was engaged by some foot soldiers and war wolves, they were fairly easy to defeat. I managed to rescue one civilian, in exchange for an agility potion (ooh!) but that was all I dared venture for the present, I spent some time taking out lesser enemies and avoiding big ones, working on leveling myself, and finding better items, I didint even dream of going up to the third level, or back to the Lost Region.

That took me about two hours, so I saved my game and quit =D

I really enjoyed the gameplay, it reminded me a bit of diablo, but, it seemed to have much more than diablo, what with the story, and civilian rescue, spell creation, and puzzles; as well as stat balancing and battle that is very remenicant of diablo.

I will likely play some more tonight =)

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yeah!...this is when 'the light at the end of the tunnel' starts getting considerably brighter!...good luck :)

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Congratulations on your success so far. Good luck with the testing!

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Dang it. I don't want to wait anymore.

Can I preorder and be added to the list of testers? *grin*

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Hooray for you guys! Now I'm gonna need to get some money so I can buy it when you finish testing. [grin]

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Hehe, yes, there was an interesting chat on #gamedev yesterday.

Apparently a few people think that MW isn't worth $29.99 ($30.00), well I will put myself in the others shoes.

Asuming of course that one has money to spend on games, I would gladly buy an indie game for the price of MW if it was as good as MW, I bought gish not so long ago for $20.00, and remember thinking that it was lacking many things that MW had, obviously they are two different types of games, and I didint feel cheated for spending $20.00 on it, but MW is likely to provide more hours of gameplay and far more features.

here is the feature list for MW so far:

  • Two distinct locales
  • 25 Music Tracks, ~60 minutes of original music
  • Spell Construction, with 24 rune types, and 12 runes per spell
  • Challenging Linear and Non-Linear puzzles
  • 12 Enemy Types
  • 4 Equipment Classifications with Random Generation
  • 20 purification artifacts
  • 800 lines of story
  • hot-keyable potions and spells
  • stats system:
  • Vitality
  • Spirit
  • Strength
  • Wisdom
  • Agility
  • Protection
  • Spell Damage
  • Melee Damage

    And of course...

  • 100% Indie Game Developer Designed and Built!

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    Well I'm certainly willing to pay $30 (although for me that will be more like ~$40, but that's still fine), I just don't have much cash for anything right now, so I might have to hold off for a month or so.

    I definately think the work you guys have put in deserves the money, and from what I've seen and heard so far the product is going to be well worth it. [smile]

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    Thanks Kaz =)

    We are still in beta, weeding out all of the boogs, and if i had to guess I would say we will probably be there for more than three weeks. Plus there is all of the infrastructure and legal issues that need clearing up, so it is 'likely' that while the product will be in Gold Disk version some time in august, it is very possible that we may not be prepared to sell it until a month thereafter. As I have come to learn, there is so much more about producing a game, than just making the game =D

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