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I'm clever, praise me

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Finished two belated book reviews today (1, 2). Normally it's not that notable, except for the fact that it is, backed up by exhaustive research, the first use of the term "warm weasel spit" in published literature.

I really need to get started on that novel. I'm efferfreakinvescent.

Still working on that podcast idea. Mr Mau says that it's doable as SWF, but I've then gotta work on the time it'd take to do. My old "Church of Shatnerology Rant of the Day" broadcasts circa 1997 (basically a very primative podcast) got down to a science. By the time I closed it down, I could produce, edit, and upload a five minute rant in about seven minutes. I'll need to be able to do that kind of schedule or else it'll become a grind. It's doable audio-only, but if I added animation and such, it'd just slow the production way down.

So if I do it, it'll probably be audio-only.
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That's definitely the rub. I was curious about how you were going to produce these things efficiently. Audio is the way to go until you have an efficient way to author more complex stuff. Or come up with something that's worth the extra effort.

BTW, if you don't have a better audio program you might try Audacity

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