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Gravity Gun Game

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Hmm, the more that I thought about it last night, the better the idea of a grav. gun based ball game sounded. Basically it'd be a basketball hybrid. This sort of thing would be fun to play, and a good learning experience on my part for coding with the Source engine.

I'll just dump all of my thoughts about it here for the moment.

There would be 2 teams. Maybe 5 players per team.
A goal on each end of the map would be what each team aimed for of course.

Every player in the game would have a grav. gun. I'm not sure, however, how say Dog's ball, or any object for that matter, would react to being pulled on by multiple grav. guns at the same time. There could be an issue with that.

First team to a certain number of points would win, or it could also be timed I imagine.

Ideally this would probably be a multiplayer game. The AI for such a game to be played well would probably be pretty hard.

It would be cool, and take a bit of getting used to, to pass the ball to a teammate, but a member of the opposing team could intercept the pass from a great distance away, or just alter the direction of the ball with the grav. gun. This would add a new difficulty to just getting it into the basket.

This seems like something that would be cool to take on, i'm just not sure what effect 10 gravity guns would have on a ball.
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Guest Anonymous Poster


Did you decide to take that gaming class this fall? I signed up for it. I'm not sure what is really expected, but I'd like to get a functioning game out of it.
I'm trying to get a group of people together to make/play games. Are you interested?

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There was an awesome Quake/2 mod that was similair to that and it was a BLAST to play.

Their mod was called QPong. Basically there would be a ball spawned in a huge arena, with two goals at either side. You had the standard weapons, and you shot the balls. The balls would range from relatively small (half of quake mans height) to humongous. They were also made of different materials, some bounced more, some were heavier, etc.

The best part was you could use the balls themselves as a weapon by shooting them causing them to fly at high speed right into another player *splat*.

It's an incredibly fun Lan type mod.

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Hmm, do I know you Anonymous? I did sign up for the Game Writing class , and i'm assuming you go to ASU? I'm hoping to make a game out of it too, but I doubt we'll be modding HL2 in there [wink].

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Woah.. ASU as in Arizona State University??

I go to DeVry in Phoenix :-D.

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Actually, no, it's Augusta State University, in Augusta, Georgia. I saw someone say before that they were from ASU, and I got all excited, but it turned out that they did go to Arizona State [wink]. Ah well.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


No, I do go to Augusta State University. I guess I will see you in that class. I have no idea if I know you or not. lol
I'm working on transfering a game that I devised to run in a web based or possibly a pygame based shell. I'm still thinking about it.
Knowing Medley we probably won't even have to come up with a game. Its an elective after all.

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Yeah, me and Steven are hoping to do a game in the class or something, something based on the CSCI faculty maybe. Anyway, e-mail me at cwire4@gmail.com

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