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Cool ship. What is its scale in relation to the other ships, it looks like it would be a huge battleship like craft.

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Actually it's going to be quite small. A line modeled off of this will replace a line of ships that I created earlier that have aweful aweful geometry.

I should also mention that my brother did this one.

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That does looks pretty friggin' sweet!

Oh, and you wanted to know of my specs from my last comment on this journal. I'm on a Pentium III 633, 256K memory, cheap cheap video card not even worthy high-def 2D.

Yeah, if you got your game together, you could probably sell a couple hundred copies at 20 dollars (USD). I'd just make it available through e-commerce, so it doesn't cost money to distribute. But you know, if that's your cup of tea.


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Thanks for liking my ship everyone!

This is John B., brother of the creator of Epoch Star (my bro was letting me fiddle around with his 3-D modeling tools). I'm currently in the process of texturing/modeling a few other things, and if you're interested in seeing some more new ships/alient creatures, check out the forums at http://www.epochstar.com

thanks once again!

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Kbiro, are you the one who writes the side stories, because they are awesome.

I really think you guys should try and market this, like TraderJack said, I bet you could sell a good deal of copies, judging by the amount of visits to your site.

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why, thank you!

I appreciate any feedback I can get about my writing. Most of those were written a while ago, and I'm actually in the process of redoing some of them from a more personal, less "biblical" perspective.

If you liked my other stories, try checking this out:

The First Prophesy

Let me know what you think! and thanks once again for reading!

Kbiro(or am I?)

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