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Rob Loach


I decided to re-vamp the scripting system that I was working on and give it support for C# scripting. The aftermath is GakScript, a scripting system that enables the ability to use C#, Visual Basic and JScript as scripting languages. It compiles the script via .NET's CodeDom and gets the in-memory assembly so that you can call the methods very quickly and easily. I made up a demonstration program named Gak.

Click image to download

If you find any bugs at all in Gak, please tell me. The scripting system is still in the development stage so I'm open to any ideas and suggestions. I might make an official release soon. Hell, might even license it for $1 per license!

TileStudioCrazy Eddie's GUI is just too slow for SDL.NET and I'm thinking of ditching that idea. Anyone have any alternative solutions to a GUI through C# and SDL.NET? The other thing is a tile mapping system. TileStudio has the ability to generate code from the map you make. It might be possible to generate a script file from TileStudio and have it read in directly from that script file using the new scripting system I made. Now that would be cool [smile].

Random Interest

Comic Strip is halarious.
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Hi Rob,

I gave Gak a test and it doesn't seem to break. One "feature" it has is highlighting all the script after an initial script run. So you load in a file, hit the Run Script option and regardless of whether it runs the script or produces an error it always highlighs all the script afterwards. Run the script again and it doesn't highlight, it only happens after first load and run.

As I say, just a feature not a bug but thought you should know :-)

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I thought about implementing highlighting into the application, but decided I'd just be reinventing the wheel and so many people use thirdparty script IDEs and wordpads now. Great idea though!

I think I'll be releasing the script free for use and $1 for a full license [smile]. Might actually make some money! I'll have to do a lot of work on it before that though.

...Anyone know much about making a tile map editor?

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