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Gameboy Original Dev

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well, here's my first real stab at the world of dmg (gameboy original) programming. if anyone's interested i can post my sources. i'm learning how to do it with asm - which not only means i don't get my C, it means i have to learn asm.

holy fuckberries, theres alot of shite going on here. ok, i need to write down some notes here so i can hit up Duo over in efnet/#gameboy on his ASMSchool stuff.

- he didn't mention you had to drop the .inc files into the same dir as your asm files. setpath to where you extracted them is pointless to rgbasm.exe as it doesn't care to look anywhere else.

- in the hello world sample he tried using VRAM from HARDWARE.INC, but the only thing close to what he was looking for is named _VRAM. using the underscore ver allows full compile.

[EDIT: turns out he doesn't care. meh.]

[working] alright i got the hello world example built. it looks like visualboy advance doesn't like to play it unless its forced into GB mode specifically. also, the map is a little dirty. lets see what we get with no$gmb. [working] ok yah no$gmb really helps me understand things. the map's dirty because he's only copying the "string" to the start of the map array. he's not bothering to clear the rest of the map - its not important to, for what he's showing. i could do that manually if i wanted - i could even center the string onscreen or whatever if i wanted. wouldn't be too hard. i should do that as an exercise, really.

[working] yeah ok. i had to do full 32 tile lines of DB on the map to get to the next line to keep it simpler. might have been more work to do it this way, maybe not. anyways i got the effect i wanted. no more dirty screen. i didn't realize he was doing the little bit of extra work to test for the nonzero in the first loop when i tried doing 16bit stuffs. the 'if b OR c != 0' test was eluding me for a bit.

hot damn, i'm ready for more. i know i need to practice my asm more, but i really wanna play with the tile and map data! now taht i know how to load the bizitch up with crap, maybe its time to look more into tools to help out with that. there are a load of them, for sure. i'm probably going to be stuck having to learn from code samples, though. and since there's absolutely no interest in dmg dev nowadays i'm guessing my live-help base has already been exhausted.

getting a taste for what i've got available is seriously making me reconsider how i was going to do dragon warrior. yes, i still have to make a scripting engine, but shit its going to be a whole other deal. it has to be SUPER lightweight for starters. just thinking about doing ANYTHING simple is boggling my mind now. its all about cpu cycles again, and i never really gave much thought to that stuff on this level before. *wipes sweat from brow*
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I'm still trying to make a fuckberry pie. Previous attempts haven't turned out too well, though. Yuck.

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