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Last night I wrote a terribly timed entry that was almost immadediately shadowed by three other people writing entries directly after me. Oh, and by the way, I'm reading everyones journal now. If you've written an entry in the past few days, I've read it, and well continue to do so, so I hope you extend the same courtesy. So take a look at my last entry, it had concept art!

Anyhow, I wanted to talk about two things today: The Industry, and Podcasting. I'll do Podcasting now.


Podcasting is a new way of digital media in the form of audio broadcasting. You can subscribe to a podcast, and over a period of time you are delivered your episodes digitally (using iToons). You can then upload them to an MP3 player or synch to iPod, or listen to them right off your computer.

I think this is something I'd like to do. First of all, I have a thread in the lounge all about the hardware I'm going to be using. One podcast I want to do is one for my school. My school is friggin huge (500-550 people per class) and knowing them, they'd probably atleast listen once. We already have a morning show, and evening show, and 3-4 publications. Why not give them a more entertaining and convenient form of broadcasting. I'm probably ten times funnier then anyone else who'd could do it anyway.

Secondly, I want to do another podcast. There are plenty of video game podcasts out there, so screw that, but developement podcasts? Are there any good ones out there? Now, knowing I'm most definately not suited for doing a full out GameDev podcast (shit, I work in 2D with Allegro here, so nothing too intense). I figure, however, that I could offer a podcast for those who might be interested in the subject. I could offer tips on what you should know, finding your grounding, resources, tutorials, how to ask the right questions, good practices, good routes, and sample project ideas. I think I could make a 10 episode podcast atleast. I consider myself pretty knowlegable on these subjects.

Any thoughts?

More later.

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That would be pretty cool to have a podcast on gamedevelopment. And dont count ourself out because you're using 2D with Allegro, I enjoy reading the journals of people actively working on 2D games, because they usually have to do with the same problems I am going through with my little game. Good Luck with it.

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True. I probably would use alot of time in the later episodes (past the initial introductery episodes) to expore techniques with working with 3D. I also think it would be a good idea because I consider myself good with articulating my ideas and solutions to problems.


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