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Well, that sucks.

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I was planning on putting in the code to pass the login/password data then send the player entity updates to see if I could get the player to spawn on the screen.

I was just about ready to vnc in from work when I got disconnected from my router (ssh). When it came back up I had to wait a few for my dynamic dns to update so I could find it. Once in I tried to vnc to my pc over the ssh tunnel and it just sat there. Thinking for a minute I did an uptime on my router and found it said 26 mins. Stupid power went out at my house.

So I guess I can't work on anything till I get home. Bummer. I was looking forward to messing with the GUI editor in Torque2d to create my login screens.


As an extra note I decided how im going to handle the play screen on the client. I'm going to have a star pattern background (obviously) with the player ship in the center of the screen. On the server side I will instead of sending the actual coordinates of entities, I will send the relative coordinates with the player as a base. Then when the player "accelerates" I will change the speed and direction of the background scrolling to match the players velocity.

So what you end up with is a player in the center of the screen with everything moving around him as he plays. That way I don't have to worry about how big a playfield that T2D can handle. It also makes it so if I want I can make the entire game one huge map, since the server only sends players information about entities that are near him.

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Uhh... Thanks I think :)

Btw, if anyone wants to donate some kind of neat spacey background for the login screen pm me, my art skill is -5.

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