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I need to learn Java

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So I restart school come September to get my B.A. in comp sci from URI to go along with my English degree. In order to complete this degree in 3 semesters I have to take a begenning and intermediate programming comcepts class at the same time. The language being used is Java (sigh). My work in C# convinced the department head that I had a chance in hell of pulling this off, mainly because he feels Java and C# are similar, and they share the concepts that are being taught in the advanced class. So when I'm making hello world in one class, I'll be designing a linked list in the other with the same language. The department head wasted no time telling me how he has little confidence that I will make it past this semester. I think he underestimates my programming chops. Needless to say I need to get the Java syntax down before heading back to school. Something I have no time for, but shouldn't be too difficult.

Delphi has been going at a decent pace lately. We've recruited a new artist who is working for a professional game studio in Washington. He's an old friend from the town I live in and I'm looking forward to working with him.

Basic things I'm working on now are the renderer and game entities. Hopefully I'll get some more visual stuff for people to take a look at soon. Peace.
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*insert spanish voice* U CAN DO IT!! *end voice* good motivation when someone important thinks you're gonna fail.. sounds like one of my mom's husband's friends .... lolol (if you only knew)

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hah, I'll take your word for it. And thanks for the vote of confidence, every little bit helps.

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