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An idea!

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So, I was sitting down to knock up some FBO test code before I attacked the final example for the GLSL chapter which uses MRT and I thought accured to me.

While I've managed to remove the need to recreate the windowing stuff thanks to my windowing framework I'm still finding myself writing an annoying amount of boiler plate code, I cant help think there has to be a better way to write test code.

So, once this book stuff is done and dusted I'm going to direct my energies into making a kinda general test framework to try and reduce my boiler plate stuff a bit.

Probably DLL based infact as after a recent series of posts by Washu on the subject my faith in them has been somewhat improved [grin]
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I'm using http://tut-framework.sourceforge.net/ - it's great. I've also sepeated off the business logic stuff into a dll - then have a console project using the TUT framework to test the business logic dll... and the actual gui application that links to that same dll. So if something screws up I know I can just run those console tests against it.

Never programmed using Agile / XP stuff like that before in C++, tis a very different experience!

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heh, well its the project i'm most proud off so i'm gonna pimp it like a Pimp working his hoes on a saturday night.... i even wear a pimp hat when i post about it!

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