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More Progress

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Ok so I made some progress, just not as much as I hoped.

I made a login screen (go programmer art):

So then you hit the login button:

So tommorow I'll work on the state machine on the server side to properly handle the connection, then once a player is logged on Ill try to upload his entity and get the game to spawn it.
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Those huge words make the textboxes look inferior : p

Do you plan on implementing some sort of custom UI?

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Yeah, I made the background graphic in paint before I saw the size of the edit boxes.

Not particularly, why would I write a custom ui when Torque2d has a built in UI editor? Once I got the hang of it, it took me about 30 mins or so to set that up. Unless you mean custom graphic buttons and hud elements, which yes, at some point I plan on getting someone to do some art for me or paying someone if it comes to that.

The whole reason I bought T2D was to make it so I didn't have to put a ton of work into a client when there was one waiting for me to hack it to pieces ;)

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Yes, I meant custom buttons with pretty pictures :).

I agree with you on that point though, why would you want to remake an edit box : p

I didn't know Torque had a UI editor, that is pretty cool :)

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Yeah it has a built in tile map editor, and a built in gui editer.

It's basically drag and drop and filling in properties like designing dialogs in visual c++. You tell it what function to call when a button is hit, then you go write the function in TorqueScript.

Most of my time tonight revolved around figuring out the retarded Progress Bar control. I couldnt figure out why it wasn't taking the values I was giving it. Found out it wanted decimal numbers from 0 to 1. I couldnt find any docs on it either :/

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Yeah it has a built in tile map editor, and a built in gui editer.

Edit dees nuts.

Sorry, it's my new thing. Take verb, insert 'dees nuts'. It's a gimmick.


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