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For F*&#S Sake

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Alright, well after a slightly elongated absence from my computer for two days, I finally return. I went to go deliver one of the xbox's that I sold to a friend of mine, and ended up being stranded at his house for two days. Luckily I didn't have to work, but I ended up wasting what I was hoping to be two rather productive days off from work. Neverless, still time to move foward.

My bank sucks major monkey testicles. I deposited cash into my bank account. Three hours later I go to make a withdraw from an atm. The money, even though in my account, for some reason that the bank can't seem to explain, and refuses to look into, didn't register into my account until the next day.

I took out twenty dollars to see a movie. There was an agreed two dollar fee that I authorized to get my money out of the atm as it wasn't owned by my bank. Evidentally the mall the atm was at also charged an additional 1.50 to use the atm in their mall. There were no signs to tell me this. Then, they charged me an additional 9 cents as a sales tax charge seperately. Normally, I wouldn't really care, but in this case, because the money I deposited didn't show up until the following day I over drew my account. Now, here's the worst part, for each over draft I get charged $37. SO the $22, the $1.50, and the $0.09 all were charged seperately. THis was only one transaction for me, but they charged me three different times. This means I am out $111 all for trying to access money that I had given to a teller, and they had put it in my account. To top it off, I don't get paid until Thursday, and there are two checks out there for a total of $30 out in circulation. My account is going to end up being charged about $185 total for this if those checks get cashed, plus they can charge me additonal overdraft charges, if I don't have enough money in my account to cover the over draft charges, which they charge right away.

If I would have known that this was going to happen, I would have just kept twenty dollars on me instead of depositing the full amount. What a crock of shit. It's times like this I despise banks, and if not for the "convience" factor of having a debit card so that I can order stuff online, I would close that account right now. They should have a seminar to go over all this stuff with new clients when someone opens an account. Oh, I've been with this bank for six months, and I've never had this happen before.

I still haven't finished my previous task list for C.F.L. and need to be getting back to it. Instead I spent about five hours playing GTA SA when I got home.
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<quote>My bank sucks major monkey testicles.</quote>

Commerce Bank all the way.


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