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A bad day

  • Coding in general, work and play, meh
  • Amplifier still was not getting any rear channels. Took it back in again at luchtime. Got a decent distance and realised I had forgotton the remote control (was in a bag at work)... turned around, got it, dropped it off.
  • Scratched car up and dented it a little... turned too tightly around concrete pillar in the underground parking and clipped the rear wheel arch on the passenger side.
    • washed car, went to get paint immediately
    • colour rare, not on file, car parts place mixing up a guess match
    • primed scratched area after trying rubbing compound
    • realised a small part of trim had snapped off... found it though
      • while putting up third and final shelf in kitchen, went through the electrics, got a shock, now have no power at home from any of the sockets.
      • Its rented accomodation, so I'm at the landlords mercy as far as getting someone in to fix it
      • Yes the landlord gave us shelves to put up a couple of years ago when we moved in... I thought it would be a nice suprise for Danni to come back to a better ordered kitchen and house
    • Only have cordless phones, no good without power. Mobile phone almost dead with no way of charging it. Went to Asda to get cheapo self-powered phone
    • Carried on working on flat stripping, sealing painting bathroom...
      • Fell over something, sprained big toe, spilt sealent over carpet.
      • While cleaning up sealent realised that the thing I'd fallen over was the paint, a pint of which was now happily spreading across and in to the carpet
      • Phoned up Danni to ask for advice... luckly she remebered that outside the flat in the corridor there is a power point... got an extension and used the carpet shampooer for ages... think it's mostly all out
    • Finished off bathroom... my hands covered in paint a moskito flew in to my ear and instictively went to get it out... getting paint in there
    • Carried on cleaning and stuff until about 3AM this morning
A quarter bottle of gin with bitter lemon would not even knock me out... spent ages on phone to Danni in bed. I miss her so bad... and I'm so worried that my attempts at making things nicer and doing nice things have just all made things so much worse.

So we may be seperated now for a few more weeks... as it is unclear if she will come back straight away or if she will need to interview for a radio position in Billings. I'm torn, I want her back but am distrought because it is just at the point where we cannot afford to live, because she can only seem to get a few hours here and there waitressing and bartending, despite all her education. Seems if there is an British person going for a role, no matter what that is, that they will get it. She's just not getting a chance, she has applied for over 150 jobs since she has been here.

Everything seems to be so hard, it feels like I am being punished, like there is a conspirary against a happy ever after for me and my wife.

As it stands we have mostly given up on England now. By the end of September if nothing happens I think we will be going to live with Danni's parents in North Dakota until we get my visa stuff sorted out and Danni has found work. That has it's own set of headaches and costs, but I guess there is a time where you just have to write off things as a loss and move on.

Despite my bitching I know I will miss where I work right now just because I get on so well with the other developers... it's a real nice workspace, laid back and friendly... well amongst my peers anyway. My feelings about some memebers of management, sales and support are well documented through these pages. A part of me will miss this rut. A big part of me will miss Sky... the UK TV stuff, it will be wierd not being able to switch over for the BBCs balanced look at things, and watch news that always has a political spin on it from the American networks. Hardly seems fair that we carry some of the American news networks but it doesn't go the other way. I will be a fresh water fish in the sea. I worry about finding employment in the States because I will be going against talented Americans for positions. A whole role reversal thing.

Still Danni's career is important to me... I do not want her to miss out on one. That kind of thing could make you bitter, and right now I know I should move on - may be a short break from development where I'm only doing personal projects would do me some good.

That bulleted list at the top of the list would probably make a pretty good cringe-movie... probably staring Adam Sandler or something. I keep the movie rights to that day! ;-)
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I would have said your bullet points would perhaps make a whacky game :)

I know the frustrations when things seem to be going wrong all the time but, I've always been of the opinion that what's for you won't go by you - I know it doesn't do anything to alleviate the dismay you feel at present, but in time it might.

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If we didn't have bad days and hard patches in our lives we wouldn't enjoy the good times so much. Oh, and if you do go to the U.S. I am sure you can get BBC World :-)

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