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Update #12: Booth babes

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Option A won last week

The zombie pandas were right behind me, and it became clear that I was not going to make it to the subway platform.

"OVER THERE" I shouted to myself, desperately pushing myself in the back.

A few meters away was the ticket booth, which was by far the most highly clad security system in the country, ready to stop hobos and single mothers from boarding the subway. My brain exploded with sudden thought, sending chemicals around my skull at a speed not felt since the last time I sold my body at a strip club to pay my tuition fees. I began to have an idea, that if I take over the ticket booth, I might be able to stop them from entering, giving me a chance to get away. It was the only option I was thinking of at that time.

I ran to the door of the ticket booth, which was too distracted with being a door to notice me grappling it, quickly opening it and jumping inside. As I landed on the ground, I quickly looked around. On the floor lay the ticket booth collector, which had somehow been mauled to death. By what, I have no idea. Maybe some sort of feathered bird. Or a Yak. Either way, the conversation I was having with him on this subject was going nowhere, and the Zombie-Pandas were getting ever closer. I grabbed the ticket collectors clothes and jumped up, just as the Zombie-Pandas were arriving.

I yelled at the Zombie-Pandas "WHERE ARE YOUR TICKETS!?", to which they seemed quite shocked. One of the pandas began to franticly search his pockets, which upon realising he didn't have any, punched through the glass of the ticket booth and grabbed my face. I could feel his claws on my neck, but I was able to quickly grab a handful of thick smog and threw it as his face, inflicting him with slow killing lung cancer that would undoubtedly burst from his chest in 30 years like a deadly alien parasite. I leapt backwards, crashing into the back wall, which broke apart and let me fall straight through to the other side. The Zombie-Pandas were obviously confused, so I took full advantage of the situation. I had a nap.

Feeling refreshed, I ran towards the subway platform, where I could see one of the carriages waiting with it's doors open. I casually strolled inside, with the Zombie-Pandas now right behind me. As the doors closed, they bashed into the windows, thrashing at the doors. My first reaction was to press the emergency open button and let them in, because I didn't want to be rude and run into them at a later date and have an awkward silence, but before I could do anything the carriage took off.

As we chugged along, I began to relax to the soothing noise of the steam engine that powered this wonderful device. As I looked around, I spotted a cell phone lying on the ground. Luckily it still had some charge, and I was able to call Clancy, telling him to meet me at one of the upcoming stations. I was saved! But, just as I threw a surprise celebration for myself, I began hear noises on the roof of the carriage. As I tried to look through the roof as to what it could be, a claw burst through, tearing the roof of its hinges. All I have to do is survive for the next couple of stations and I can meet Clancy.

Should I:

A) Crank the train up to full speed, hopefully crashing my way into the station where Clancy is at in heroic fashion
B) Get out of the carriage, and with the aid of a sweatband jog my way to where Clancy is
C) Climb up onto the roof and fight the Zombie-Pandas in hand2hand
D) Bash the hell out of the cell phone battery until it explodes, setting the carriage on fire

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hehe, great story...I'd load up a game on the mobile and give it to them to play (c'mon!...if one started looking for a ticket, then the chances are they'd be idiotically curious about a game!).

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D) Bash the hell out of the cell phone battery until it explodes, setting the carriage on fire

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@johnhattan - that cat's rear leg doesn't look like it's supposed to be at that angle... what did you do to it?

D) Bash the hell out of the cell phone battery until it explodes, setting the carriage on fire

2nded [grin]

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I'll update this coming Tuesday. Just for something to read though, I might try and type some random crap and post it here just to make sure the stupidity level stays nice and high.

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