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I wonder if it would be possibly to make a fun childrens game where you play a cow that just wants to get fat and get eaten. Is there anyway to make grazing fun? Is there anyway to present the goal of getting consumed non-traumatizing?

Maybe the cow should wander around a city, looking for cow like things to eat and walking up to random strangers, and the player would have to choose recipies the person might find appetizing. Maybe being too cute would be a condition to avoid, in case the person would try to make the cow into a pet.

Mmmm. Beef.
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That sounds fine and dandy, but where art the zombies? Where art the pirates of which one and all seek?

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Have you ever seen "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" TV series? can't remember which part exactly, but it's definitely in the restaurant at the end of the universe. Anyway, so this pig-like thing comes up to them at the table and starts talking to them - trying to convince them to eat him (?) and is going through recommending different parts of his body for consumption [lol]

You could make a game out of that I'm sure... have a mini game when the cow meets a person - can the cow (player) convince the human that it wants to eat the cow, and more importantly - what sort of sauce/garnish and side-servings would they want with it [smile]


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I'm pretty sure it was a cow in the book. And I think it was a girl cow. But yeah, that's part of where the inspiration for this idea comes from. Though I want to get young formable minds with this, to convince them that cows really do want to get eaten, but I'm not sure that a person sizing up the individual body parts of the cow would fly too well.

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