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I was born too late.

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Well..I have good new and bad news. If you might recall, in an earlier entry I was rambling some nonsense about homorphisms on a complex reordering of the Minkowski Space as a brilliant idea of mine?

Well the good news is that it proves that I am a genius [grin]. hehe, seriously though, with only the most minimal understanding of the physics and even less of the mathematics invloved I was nonetheless able to see through to a possible solution. A skill not easily found in most undergraduates (age: 19 ~ 20). The equivalent would be someone whose been programmering for a year and barely grasps OOP points out a flaw in templates or containers (or whatever other hardcore programming stuff there is) and suggests a solution that could actually work...

The other news ofcourse, is that there have been a bunch of people working on this idea for some time.

"...of course what everyone is seeking is to expand (or define rather) our normal 4-dimensional minkowski as a homormophism of a more complex space. it's redundant to point out the kinks of describing newtons' negative square root equation equation in 11-dimensions as our m-theory friends have to, gravity as newton described seems to spritually perfect and tied to minkowski somehow..."

At least Im not a crank. Well...I still have many years of study ahead of me but Ive been pointed to subscribe/register for pre prints of physics papers so I will actually know what is going on in the world and wont make the same mistake again. Ive stepped into the world of mainstream physics early, before graduation. It is but a matter of time till I submit my own original brilliant pre print as well. Muahahahahha.

Sorry guys, that was a bit over the top self praise but I am quite happy/proud.
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So what if someone else got to it first? if you got there on your own that's gotta say a lot about your ability [grin]


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hehe, thanks! Thats why I am so happy right now. Gives me confidence in my instincts.

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