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HDRI and starfield

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A short update. I've continued to work on HDRI, and i'm trying to produce a starfield in high-dynamic range. So far here is one result:

It's only one layer of the final composite starfield. The final starfield will have a level of complexity much higher. But i have to play with a lot of parameters for it to look good. Choosing good colors, contrast and glow strengths is the key.
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Very nice, but the two bright ones in the center give me the creepy feeling that God's watching and is about to get me.

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Looks really pretty.
But do you think HDRI is really worth it considering the amount of GPU power you put in it?
Couldn't you achieve similar effects with much simpler techniques?

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Lutz, you're right. But i'm going to use an hybrid technique which doesn't cost as much as real HDRI. Inputs to the pixel shader will stay unclamped, and the pixel shader will on-the-fly adjust the exposure, and write the clamped result to the color buffer. The overhead of HDRI is then only 2 or 3 instructions in the pixel shader, and i'd say it's well worth it.

Real HDRI (with floating point render buffers) is another story though.

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