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Myopic Rhino


Someone just sent this to, and I just had to share:
Hi guys could you help me out. You know Im a fresh graduate of Computer Engineering course and not yet employed. Well the problem is this, I cant pass the IQ exam that the company always given to me. I hope you have a leakage there or an IQ test sheet with answer that I can review so I can pass this IQ test. Well I want to pursue a creer in programming and Im a hardworking person but I really cant pass any exam or IQ exam plase help me.
You can send the leakage or sample IQ exam here in my email.
thanks in advance.

We get these kinds of things all the time. Maybe I should start posting them here so everyone can share in the funnies.
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I've posted the occasional "help me get Playbattlefield cheats plz" email to my blog, but these are way funnier.

I cheated at an IQ test once. ;)

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I'll hire him right away! No IQ test required!

Note: This position may or may not include being a stupid patsy for illegal offshore money transactions.

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